Steps To How To Use Autocad For Beginners

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This Blog is totally helpful for beginners who want How To Use AutoCAD. In these several steps provided which gives the correct path to beginners.

How To Use AutoCAD

In this world, everything is designed or worked under technology because our technology is hitting the sky today.

In vintage times, people designed the buildings, circuits or whatever by hand, but now they use technologies to remove mistakes and create perfection in their designs.

There are several tools that are used to design the projects, each building, each product, and many more things that have a graphic presentation before the project starts or the project that has the first step of graphic presentation. There are so many tools that can be used to design different things.

In this blog we are talking about AutoCAD, which is mainly the mechanical or civil engineer tool. They use this tool to design different projects. These tools have a good carrier option for those who have the knowledge of using this tool.

In this blog we learn how to use AutoCAD in different steps, which is useful for beginners and helps them to learn many things. But before you learn, you need to know what is AutoCad first?

What is AutoCAD?


AutoCAD is a PC-supported drawing program that allows the customer to create exact 2- and 3-dimensional drawings used in development and assembly. You can use the latest version of AutoCAD on your Mac or PC. The person who manages AutoCAD can make scale drawings used to produce equipment, plan foundation projects, plan electrical hardware, and manufacture homes and business structures.


AutoCAD is derived from a program that began in 1977 and was later released in 1979 under the name Interact CAD, and also matches early Autodesk records such as MicroCAD, which was compiled before Autodesks (at the time Marinchip Software Partners) arrangement through Autodesk co-enate Michael Riddle.


The first form of AutoCAD was shown by Autodesk on the Comdex of 1982 and was released in December. AutoCAD supported CP/M-80 computers. As leader of Autodesk, AutoCAD had become the most ubiquitous CAD program in the world in March 1986. The discharge for 2020 marked the 34th major arrival of AutoCAD for Windows. The 2019 discharge marked AutoCAD's ninth consecutive year for Mac. The local record configuration of AutoCAD is .dwg. These and, to a lesser extent, the DXF trading document position have become true, albeit restrictive, guidelines for interoperability of CAD information, especially for the exchange of 2D drawings. via Autodesk, for the dissemination of CAD information.

Now learn the several steps of how to use autocad for beginners.


Several steps of how to use autocad


  1. Buy AutoCAD by Autodesk:

AutoCAD is a software designed by AutoDesk Inc. It is a very complicated suite of programming structures that can yield modern results. To use Autodesk's product, you need to create a record on their site.


The costs are very abrupt, because this product is made for 3D architects experts. If you need to get into CAD, as a rule there are also some free other options, which are laid down here.


Still, there's uplifting news: you can get AutoCAD and all AutoDesk items for a long time if you get the chance to be a student. Please enter your instructional email address to sign up to perform your scholarship license. If you're not lucky enough to be eligible for a college discount, you can set a 30-day free trial for all Autodesk items despite everything else.


  1. Install AutoCAD

After purchasing AutoDesk's software, you must now install the software according to your PC configurations.

The procedure for installing software step by step is followed by the installation wizard. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. After its creation, the AutoCAD symbol will appear on your stage. Double-tap the symbol at the point you want to start the program.


  1. Spot good workspace

After installing the software, find some good areas of work, as this work requires so much concentration.

First, you'll need to set up your Quick Action Toolbar and record "Workspace" by tapping it. Now change the new "Compose and annotating" toolbar to "3D modeling". This allows you to use all the Sketch and 3D tools you need to plan your first sketch and 3D object.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the operation within AutoCAD.


The workspace in AutoCAD is isolated in 2 unmistakable territories. The drawing area covers a large part of the screen and toolbars are attached above and below the drawing area. They contain:


  • Application button: The huge red An in the upper-left corner of the screen is the application button. Use it to print documents and leave the program.


  • Quick Access Toolbar: This toolbar is close to the application button and includes regular orders such as "Spare" and "Open."


  • Ribbon: The strip is located below the quick access toolbar and contains a series of tabs (for example, "Home," "Supplement," "Response," "Visible," and so on) that contain collections of default orders and devices.


  • Status bar: The toolbar at the top of the bottom of the screen is the status bar. For the most part, it consists of control settings that allow you to screen changes to the drawing.


  • Prompt/command toolbar: Directly above the status bar is the order/short toolbar. This is the place where the product speaks to you.


  1. Create a new project

On the quick access toolbar, click "Record," and then click "New." The new project uses 1 of the 2 default settings, royal or metric. On the other hand, if you need to use explicit settings for a drawing, select "Formats" under the Options discourse box. A few Ticks a basic figure. Apply simple methods in AutoCAD and practice great skills before moving on to complex drawings. Start with an activity like drawing an even 4-inch line.

  1. Place the small gear icon at the bottom of the screen.

This is called a workspace icon, tap it, and then choose 2D drawing.

  1. Then click the start icon on the left side of Ribbon

  2. Now choose the rule from the drop-down menu

  3. Correct the text from the prompt / command toolbar.

 Show the command line that defines the first point.

  1. Roll your mouse within the design area.

The "+"-like symbol follows the mouse icon as you roll.

Now click the left mouse button in the center of the design area and create the line. And type "@ 4 0" in the command/prompt area and press enter twice.

  1. Your 4-inch line is complete.

Where @ indicates the first starting point, 4 describes the unit of measure, stands for direction and the number after, in this case 0, represents the number of degrees from the horizontal axis. drawing templates are provided with the program.

  1. Practice with other design options.

 Find out how to draw different shapes and figures, such as circular slices and square shapes, and achieve other important abilities, such as removal, changing line types, and recording shades.

  1. Save your drawing.

 Go back to the quick access toolbar, click "Options", "Open" and "Save" and then run the ideal order. To leave the program altogether, click the application button and scroll down your cursor to "Shut down."


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