The NFL is also a game that has been sanitized

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The NFL is also a game that has been sanitized

Adjusted for tech, Madden is far behind the Mut 20 coins times, and it is a shell of what it should be. Madden 20 NFL reflects more of the NFL shield and Roger Goodell than the appearance and texture of the real NFL. In Madden, the areas are almost always green, the stands are almost always full, and there is not a HINT of human grit in Madden 20 NFL.

There's not a scintilla of soul in Madden - and some other enthusiast who belongs to a real NFL game, can see sidelines get participated, energized and enraged when there is a material change in Madden 20 NFL. All Madden is, an evolving mechanized body simulation today, with EA is obviously promising new features, but not actually delivering game changing improvements or customizations. I would like to play a Madden game which looks and FEELS like the NFL. I'm a pro football season ticket holder, so I have not ever been to a game, in which the sidelines were not in shape by the end of Madden 20 NFL. In Madden, there is no realism over time. The area in Pittsburgh is notoriously bad because Pitt plays on Saturday, and Steelers on Sunday, but Madden's Heniz area is always stunning....Cleveland's stadium is old today... natural grass, but doesn't seem any different than the 49'ers which is brand new, and at a total climate.

In Madden, there's absolutely no story there, regardless of sense for this team is, compared to the Cowboy's who cover 1/2M for PSL's on a 10 year contract. Compared to the sweltering sense of Tampa at a September or Green Bay at a WC card match - when it's ZERO outside and trash and debris are blowing across the end zone. The NFL has 32 amazing histories, 32 different cultures, and this story ought to be told in an advanced, compelling 3D way by Madden.

The NFL is also a game that has been sanitized. In real life, some strikes you can hear in the deck. This has never occurred in a Madden game. "This seems very serious." Players should be raising up the horn. Or have their hand's over their face because of their fear and despair. Crowds should provide them standing O's. It occurs in real life in every game but the way. There ought to be a few missed calls, together with all the commentators calling them out. Going to league office, make it REAL.

Time participant tales should be reflected by buy Madden nfl 20 coins commentary, Mahomes won the Super Bowl and came back from a dislocated knee cap. Not mentioned once. Commentary is idle and totally off kilter to the shops on the area. NBA2K has amazing commentary crowd scenes and commenters, the old ESPN 2K football game.