Top 7 Destinations to Experience the Best of India

Get here list of Top 7 Destinations to Experience the Best of India. I am sharing world popular 7 Destinations to Experience the Best of India.

1) Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is known as the wonder of world where several people like to visit there from different states of India and people from abroad countries also. This palace is situated at Agra. This palace is the part of ancient incidents of King Shah Jahan and Mumtaz queen. This palace have the property of affection by his beauty and great architecture. There are two beautiful Mausoleum under the dome of palace which is decorated by beautiful paintings and awesome calligraphy of poems. Great marble carvings and unique layout of this place where mostly people like to capture their snaps to feel amazing with the monuments of 7 wonders of world.

2) Amer Fort

Amer fort represents the Jaipur which is nice place with great cultures. This place is most-visited point of Jaipur where several people like to visit in the time of weekend with family members and friends of collages where they excite for this place. There are several interesting points in fort in which the lake surrounding the fort  and nice look of fort with great architecture which is capture by most of the people. There are some ancient paintings in this fort, which represent the beautiful medieval times of this place and there is the temple of goddess Shila Devi, which is constructed by only white marbles which is a nice place for worship and meditation for goddess Shila Devi. There are some museums of ancient weapons which are used by kings and armies. This is the nicest place according to historical site which is full-fill by several curiosities.

3) Rohtang Pass

Rohtang is the pass which is situated at 51 km distance than the Manali and consists of snowy and grassland points and beautiful in look. Several people like to visit Lucknow to Manali for enjoy their times of wandering. The localities of surrounding this pass like to create the markets for tourists in which some people like to buy woolen clothes and other types of hand-made things and like to take their breakfast at near some tents where some people provide food for visitors. This place is famous for cooperation of several awesome snaps with their members and like to enjoy the snowy land by participatein activities which happen their surroundings mostly ice -skiing which is full-filled from hooting a lot.

4) Golden Temple

Golden temple is the great holy place for Sikh religious which is situated at Amritsar. Several people like to visit for its popularity history and great layout where the temple attract the visitors and excite for caption of lovely shots. There is the holy pond where people like to take light booth for disintegrate negative energies and like to sit in the hall of Golden temple where they like to hear Gurubani. Some people organise longer which some devotee of Sikh religious like to serve the food to hunger people, which is counted in good karma and like to participate in different types of activities of this place. This place is very great with nice traditions and cultures of localities who respect "Khalsa".

5) Varanasi

Varanasi is the holy banks of holy river Ganga for Hindus, which is situated at Uttar Pradesh. Several people like to visit this place once in every year with their loved-ones of family and friends where there several holy banks, which are called as Ghats where people like to bat for free from problems of mentality and physically and this is the nice point for free the souls with their ashes which are also known as "Mukti Ghats". Boating is the smooth flowing around the Ganga ghats where People like to experience the waves of the river. In everyday in night there are some priests who pray the great Ganga river for her blessings will spread everywhere surroundings, this place. There are some goods are very popular in all over India and there are some historical sites where people like to go for interest of nice histories of these places.

6) Khajuraho

Khajuraho is the place which is situated at Madhya Pradesh where several people like to visit there with their family members and friends where several temples of Hindus and Jain religious and famous and beautiful sculptures where most of the people choices for caption the some snaps of this place. In the year of 1986 this destination registered in the list of UNESCO by which the people from abroad countries like to excursion there. The great carvings of these monuments and nice architecture attracts everyone. In the surroundings of monuments there are some small and simple temples where people like to do meditate for their souls.

7) Udaipur

Udaipur is the place which is situated at Rajasthan where several people like to visit this lovely destinations with their family members and friends where people like to do strolling in the markets and restaurants for famous dishes of this place. There are several great historical points where people like to enjoy this place with several traditions and cultural activities. The night life of Udaipur is very awesome in which the vacant points of places and spots fill with adequate crowd. Nice destination for capturing and feel the bliss of life moments. This city known as the city of lakes where several poeple like to participate in the boating of amazing lakes of Pichola and Fathe-Sagar.