Why Hail Your Startup with Video GAME Development?

The animated industry is growing rapidly. Animated video, even with new digital era technology will be in a position where it will be consumed on cellphones without difficulty.


How Technology changes animation in the future?


Five big!

There are five types of animations that can be found in the world around us. Actually, this is an artefact everywhere we see from cellular games, cartoons, to game device consoles. Now we will enter deeper into various types of animation.


  • Traditional - In traditional animation, animators draw images on a piece of paper installed on the peg using coloured pencils. One drawn frame at once. Animator usually tests animation with very rough images to see how many frames they need to act to work.


  • 2D Art Services - It uses the same technique as traditional animation, but the benefits of the lack of physical objects needed to create traditional 2D animations, as well as the ability to use computer interpolation simultaneously.


  • 3D Art Services - This is a type of animation made by creating and manipulating digital moulds in three-dimensional graphics programs (3D). There are a number of ways in which this animation can be made, although it often includes keyframing freezing methods that are somewhat similar to those used in the traditional two-dimensional animation process (2D). 3D modelling and animation for then. For example, most video games and cartoons used by the current generation are 3D.


  • Motion Graphics - Motion Graphics is a piece of animation or digital recording that creates illusion of motion and is usually combined with audio for use in various multimedia efforts. Motion Graphics is usually displayed through electronic media technology but can also be displayed through manual-powered technology.


  • Stop Motion Graphics - This is an animated film making technique where objects are physically manipulated in small steps between photographed frames so that they will appear to show off movement when a series of frames are played back.


Animated evolution

The industry itself evolved with new innovations by trucks. From virtual reality so it convinced that you will scream and scream on TV, and we just started to realize the actual potential game. I don't think anyone really imagines the growth capacity we have seen in the game industry today, only 40 years after everything starts. From 2D graphics at Atari and Sega Genesis to Virtual Reality Gaming, growth signs are everywhere and the spectrum of game art services has developed.


Art and animation game

Art and animation in video games refer to how things look physically visible, which include graphical user interfaces, to the skin on each character, by walking and running. It does not include how the device plays games or visible controllers. Even though the programmer is responsible for where the character moves, the animator is responsible for how they move.


Technology that affects the game industry and animation

The animated industry is growing rapidly. Animated video, even with new digital era technology will be in a position where it will be consumed on cellphones without difficulty. Animation, motion graphics, game art design, AR and VR, will significantly change the way we consume information.


Ncrypted, fight in animation

NCRyped is a world-class software solution company that focuses on animation. They offer services from 2D illustrations for UI / UX games and 2D animations as a premier video game development company.

Video game industry is growing


Nearly 70% of Americans play several types of video games every day.

And, with direct streaming growth, cellular gaming, AR, and VR, this number can be greater.

While Twitch.TV, a leading live-streaming platform, accommodating millions of users who feed video games themselves, many smartphone users also find themselves utilizing several cellular games per day.

At present, there seems to be a video game or game platform for everyone. And because many games and system systems start using technology that appears, marketers getting aggressive.

Latest Game Design Trends for 2021


The reality of the gaming industry is this: At the end of 2020 console games are expected to grow to almost $ 45 billion dollars with PC games to generate $ 37 billion dollars, and finally cellular gaming, which is at the top will generate $ 77 billion. With this much growth and billions of gamers who consume products, the company must now direct their attention to providing Stellar UI / UX games while recognizing and providing the top game art services.

At present, 2D art developers and 3D art developers have more superior tools to make popular games. Software for design and development 2D / 3D now is industrial standards. In fact, tools for hobbyists / professionals who will be ideal are:

  • Maya - The "powerful power of the 3D manufacturing software", has a comprehensive toolset and is a crème de la creme in industry standards. The disadvantage is that Maya has a sharp learning curve and more than $ 1,000 dollars as a subscription base. It is used with Windows 7 and 10, MacOS and Linux.
  • Houdini - is two seconds to virtual and used in moving and television today VFX. It is very expensive with more than $ 4,000 but there is a free learning edition and serves for Windows 8SP1 and above, and Linux and MacOS.
  • Autodesk 3ds max - referred to as "the best 3D modeling software for Windows users. It is easier to learn, having a strong simulation of toolsets and liquids (i.e. hair, feathers, skin, etc.) The cost is at least $ 1,620.00 / year and worth it for Those who want to meet industry standards without a very steep learning curve of other software.

Free software available and equally strong with 3D modeling and animation:

  • Blender
  • Keyshot.
  • Sketchup.
  • Autodesk.
  • Synfig.
  • Tubitub - especially for younger children's animation
  • Classic Adobe Flash

It can be said that the game industry since 2020 has been generated with a stronger UI / UX game / solution that aims to give consumers more game options.


For services and solutions for game art development, Ncrypted, a global provider of customized software development offers special 3D modeling, landscapes, lighting, and other important things. Their team is an expert in Adobe Flash, Houdini, Unity and more.