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Tweed jackets have been a popular item in the fashion circle for the past two years, and they appear frequently on various shows.

  • Tweed jackets have been a popular item in the fashion circle for the past two years, and they appear frequently on various shows. Fashionistas and celebrities off the runway are also big fans of tweed jackets, and everyone can wear them in their own way.

    There is a sky blue tweed jacket in the PORTS 2022 spring and summer series, the whole is casual and fashionable. The sky blue is the color of nature, and it is the purity that has been preserved after the vicissitudes of life. It can give people a soft and elegant visual experience, bring a touch of tranquility to people's fast-paced life, and heal people's hearts. The refreshing color effect can also be refreshing in the hot summer. Some people say that the way you treat your outfit is the way you treat your life. I hope you wear good-looking clothes, put on good-looking makeup, dress yourself beautifully every day, take your outfits seriously, and take your life seriously. Shop now using HM discount code NHS, HM Discount Code, HM Voucher Code and HM Promo Code  and HM coupon code 10 Off and HM NHS Discount Code


    The jacket fabric is made of tweed fabric imported from Italy, which comes from the top factory in Biella, Italy, which has a history of 100 years. The fancy yarns processed by a special weaving process are criss-crossed in thickness, showing a unique, irregular and full three-dimensional texture. The fabric is soft and fluffy, skin-friendly and comfortable, with a unique texture.


    Airland blue tweed jacket, three-dimensional cut, with a sense of luxury. A simple button, embellished under the flat lapel V-neck, is minimalist and elegant. The stand-cut craftsmanship and the design of the small sleeves can easily modify the body shape. The back slits and patch pockets are decorated to give the body a more layered visual sense. Pair it with shorts in the same fabric for a cool summer workplace look.

    The tweed jacket, as a kind of coat that creates a rough texture, needs to be matched with refreshing and clean items in the choice of inner wear. Ports official website with pockets decorated sleeveless white shirt, it is very suitable. The sleeveless shirt version also brings a cool and relaxed feeling to the summer workplace. The white shirt is decorated with a patch pocket on the chest, which continues the perfect design of the Ports No.10 legendary white shirt, with a more three-dimensional sense of shape. The curved slit hem expresses the graceful power of women with curves.


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