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What peoples thinks about CT scan Lets see some common myths around CT scan by the experts of Megavision Diagnostics Centres

Common Myths About CT Scans

Specialists use PC tomography outputs, or CT examines, to precisely analyze an assortment of medical problems, including growths, inside wounds and coronary illness. These outputs permit specialists to take a gander at profoundly definite cross-sectional pictures taken from a blend of X-beams. While the advantages of utilizing these sweeps incorporate guaranteeing that patients get the treatment they need, some are reluctant to have them done because of fantasies about CT check chances.

Myth 1: CT Scans Cause Hair Loss and Skin Redness

All patients who have CT scans are exposed to some level of ionizing radiation, the patients in these cases were exposed to radiation levels eight times higher than normal. Investigators discovered that this occurred due to inadequate training at these hospitals. This incident has led to a push for improved training for CT technologists.

Myth 2: CT Scans Cause Thousands of Deaths From Cancer

Research shows that there are no measurable ways to determine which cancer deaths were caused by radiation-induced cancer as opposed to naturally occurring cancer. In short, there is no reliable evidence to support the claim CT scans cause thousands of cancer deaths every year.

Myth 3: Pregnant women should not undergo diagnostic medical imaging.

Because of the low levels of radiation currently being used for medical imaging, there is no increased risk for pregnant women. Studies have shown that these scans have no measurable effect on the unborn child. However you always recomment to inform us if you are pregnant.

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