Information you need to know about intakes to get admission to the UK.

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Are you planning to study in the UK? There is some information you need to know about intakes.

The first step is to decide the intake you want to take. Generally, there are two intakes to apply in the UK.

They are the September/ October intake and the January/ February intake. But some universities in the UK also provide April/ May intake with a few courses.


  • September or the Fall intake: The main intake you should grab to get admission to the UK in September or the Fall intake. In this intake, most universities in the UK are providing various courses.

Many universities or institutions in the UK offer their program at the beginning of September. The deadline for application submission would be between February and May of the academic year.

However, you should check the respective university’s website to know the details you are applying for because the timing can vary from course to course.


  • January or the secondary intake: January or the secondary intake is the second intake for the students who somehow missed the September intake. This intake doesn’t offer you as many courses as the September intake. But it gives you more chances to work on your application process. The deadline for this intake would be between June and September.


  • May intake: May intake is not available at many universities in the UK. Only a few universities are providing courses in this intake.

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