New study identifies 'TikTok addiction' and symptoms that users may have

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A new study has identified some of the behaviours of “TikTok addiction”

New study identifies the most definitive signs of TikTok addiction


A new study identifies some behaviors of "TikTok addiction" as users develop dependence on viral video apps.TikTok, which is not as educated as other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, can encourage compulsive behavior.

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Troy Smith from the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Data were analyzed from 354 students, including 173 TikTok users and 313 Facebook users. Facebook users completed a questionnaire known as the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale,

which measures the six main components of addiction: traits, modifications, and traits. Emotions, tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, and recurrence.As for the Facebook Addiction Scale, the criterion is having obsessive thoughts about Facebook,

feeling more and more wanting to use Facebook, using Facebook to forget about personal problems. Attempts to reduce Facebook usage were unsuccessful. restless or upset When Facebook is banned and Facebook is used so much that it has a negative effect on school or work.