7 Tips for Choosing Cat Collars

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The habit of wearing a collar from a young age will help the cat to continue wearing it as an adult.

Let the cat wear the collar from a young age If the cat is an adult and then wears the collar, it is likely that the funny cat will not accept it very well. Therefore, the habit of wearing a collar from a young age will help the cat to continue wearing it as an adult.


  1. It is best to choose the right size for your funny cat

The size of the collar is the first feature you must be aware of. If the ring is too tight, your funny cat will feel sullen. Conversely, if it is too wide, the funny cat will try to move it out of the way, thus allowing the ring to get stuck in the cat's mouth. Therefore, please check the size of the necklace thoroughly before purchasing. Putting in 2 to 3 human fingers with too much slack will also look constricting and will also rub against the skin making the funny cat lose its fur, too much slack and then fear of the collar falling off. The best way to wear the collar is to add 5 to 6 cm to the neck circumference of the cat, which means that the owner's fingers enter about 2 to 3 slack. If the length of the collar is the same as the length of the cat's neck circumference and the length is 4 cm, the collar is considered appropriate. One tip for choosing a collar for your funny cat is that you allow two fingers to pass through the space between the collar and the cat's neck. If your cat has long hair, choose one that can be inserted with three fingers.


  1. Change the collar according to weight and size

If the kitten has been wearing the same collar since it was a kitten, the size will become inappropriate as it grows. In order to match the change in weight and size, please always take care to keep just the right amount of slack.

  1. Kitten's collar size needs to be adjustable

Be extra careful when wearing a collar on a kitten. Kittens grow quickly and will make the collar thinner day by day. Therefore, it is best to choose a kitten collar that is adjustable in size.

  1. Check the material as well as the weight

Collars are made of a variety of materials such as cotton, wool, and chemical fibers, which can sometimes be itchy depending on the funny cat. In addition, uncomfortable collars that are too heavy, too large in amplitude, etc. can be stressful for cats. Choose a collar that actually tries to make the funny cat look comfortable and not feel tense.

  1. Cats are curious and energetic animals that like to jump and move around in tight spaces.

However, if you climb too high with the collar, there is a risk of the funny cat getting trapped or hanging on a protruding object such as a branch, so please beware. Because it is not used to wearing the personalized cat collars, it is likely to try to break free from the collar everywhere, which will only disturb the cat's mind. To avoid such dangers, especially for naughty cats, choose a collar with a safety latch that can lock itself with enough force. If you are worried about the collar getting stuck, you can also choose a soft, elastic collar, such as an elastic band, which allows the funny cat to escape if there is enough pressure.

  1. Choose a collar that comes off immediately

In case something gets hung up, the risk of causing an accident becomes low if you are wearing a collar with a buckle that can deviate immediately, or a stretchy collar such as a rubber one. It is recommended that a tape measure be used to determine the exact neck length. However, if your funny cat does not like it, you can also use a non-elastic fiber such as cotton thread.

  1. Marked collars are safer

Marking your cat's collar is also a good solution if you are worried about what might happen. It is easier to find a lost funny cat if you have the owner's name and phone number on the cat's name tag. But remember to check the card regularly to see if it is missing text and if it has enough information.

  1. Safety over cost. Poorly-made collars can irritate your cat’s skin if they’re made from cheap materials or have threads poking out. Pay for collars that are high-quality and comfortable. Breakaway collars may need occasional replacements since they can more easily fall off and get lost, but the cost of a new collar is worth your cat’s safety.Include identification information. Having your name and phone number on the collar makes it easier for someone to contact you if they find your cat where they’re not supposed to be.

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