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Microsoft's interactive business intelligence data visualization and analytics tool is called Power BI (BI). With Power BI, you can gather information from a variety of on-premises and cloud-based systems to build dashboards that track the metrics you care about most. Even better, yo

Power BI and Power Apps together

Power BI allows you to create Power Automate workflows and embed Power Apps into reports. As a result, you can include the app or flow for carrying out the action in the report where you obtain the insights if it makes sense to do so, such as adding a customer to an email marketing campaign or submitting a budget request. The filters and selections you make in Power BI are then carried over to the app or workflow. You can instead embed the Power BI report into the app for mobile users who are more likely to be working from one.

Enhance executive dashboards with more data

Users of BI require varying degrees of detail in their visualizations. Managers and business analysts may want a lot of information, but if your executives are monitoring 20 or 30 key metrics for multiple global regions, it's preferable to present that information quickly with a straightforward view that displays the target and the actual value rather than a more intricate visualization. In a meeting, you can quickly look up information in this way without getting bogged down in a sea of graphs and charts. Multiple report types are combined into a single tile in the Power KPI custom visualization.


Create scorecards and OKR boards using goals.

Utilizing data to gauge how well decisions are serving the business will help a data-driven culture succeed. Use the Goals hub in Power BI Premium to connect scorecards to Power BI reports rather than shelling out money for a particular tool to create dashboards for tracking performance and achievement on important metrics. You specify when you must achieve a result by, how you plan to measure it, and choose the pertinent data points on a chart in a Power BI report for goals like revenue, sales, hiring, or user numbers. In addition to monitoring progress in the Goals hub, Power Automate allows you to schedule meetings or send alerts when a goal is not being met.


For sensitive information, use information protection

Applying the same Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels as in Office, SharePoint, and other tools will allow CIOs and CISOs to ensure that only the appropriate staff members have access to confidential company data when it is placed in Power BI. For end-to-end data leakage protection, those labels enable auditing, enforce access in Power BI, and follow the data if it is exported to Excel or PowerPoint.


Power BI is for IT data, too

Power BI can be used to visualize data for IT monitoring tools, proving that it isn't just for business users. Using an Azure SQL database and Stream Analytics, Power BI's solution template for Azure Activity Logs gathers logs and displays them using prebuilt Power BI Desktop reports so you can examine usage patterns and issues. A solution template for System Center Configuration Manager has a dashboard that covers client and server health, malware protection levels, software inventory, and which devices are missing updates. It also includes a set of prebuilt Power BI reports for the Intune Data Warehouse that display device details like configurations and compliance state.If you can get the data into a SQL Server or Azure SQL database, you can create your own dashboards and reports for a variety of other tools using templates that are available.