Startup Trail is Oregon Trail for Technology Policy Winning

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My startup went public, and it only took me about 25 minutes to pull it off

Startup Trail is Oregon Trail for tech policy wonks - The Verge


My Startup is publicly available. And it only took me about 25 minutes to complete.

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I don't remember what the company did. Even though I don't think it's that important? I own 16 percent of that place. But after I made a thoughtless decision about legal battles and opted to set up a local office in India. The company had no cash left on hand.

Users love us though! So the future is bright for…whatever our name is, it doesn't matter. In a moment, I'll start over and try something else. Today I spent way too much time playing Startup Trail, a new browser game created by technical policy

website Techdirt and Engine, a D.C.-based startup trade group. The two organizations created the game, according to Mike Masnick. Techdirt said to give people a little idea of ​​the types of policy decisions startups have to make. And why are they not as easy as they seem?