Learn Online Music Classes in Tamil to Enhance Your Skills

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Poorvanga is one of the Best Online music Academy in Tamil Nadu. We are focusing on only Carnatic Instruments and Vocal music. We provides the unique choices for students everywhere to learn Carnatic music and certificate will be provided after course of completion.

Learning Online music classes in Tamil is a great way to help you improve your skills as a musician and get you on the right track to becoming a successful performer, producer or artist. If you want to learn more about music and develop your singing, composing or playing skills, taking an online music class in Tamil is an excellent way to do so.

What Are Online Music Classes in Tamil?

Online music classes in Tamil are online music lessons that you can take remotely from the comfort of your own home. There are several online music classes available, including music theory classes, singing lessons, guitar lessons and music composition classes. You can choose an online music class based on your current skill level, your interests and your goals. Online music classes in Tamil are also known as online music courses. 

Intro To Classical Music

Classical music is a type of music that originated in the classical era from the beginning of the Baroque period to the transition into the Romantic period. Classical music is an art form that can be split into various subgenres including the symphony, concerto, sonata, striptease and choir. There are many famous composers of classical music, Classical music has a wide range of instruments, including strings, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Classical music has several different music forms that are used as the basis of classical music compositions, including sonatas, symphonies and concertos. 

What we do in Poorvanga? 

At Poorvanga Music Academy, we holistically teach music by integrating the techniques of Indian classical music with contemporary methods. Our specialized music education program helps learners from all age groups and walks of life to develop their skills in music. We provide online vocal music classes in Tamil singing, rhythm, composition and music theory and regularly conduct workshops, seminars and concerts in Tamil Nadu to share our knowledge with our students. Our music courses are designed to teach students with both theoretical and practical skills, so they can not only enhance their knowledge but apply it in the real world.

Levels of Course in Poorvanga Music Academy

There are multiple levels of courses in Poorvanga music Academy that are designed to help learners of all skill levels and ages improve their music skills. Our beginner’s music course is aimed at beginners who are new to music and would like to learn the basics of music and how to play an instrument, such as the sitar or the veena. Our intermediate music course is designed for intermediate learners who have completed our beginner’s course and would like to continue developing their music skills and become intermediate musicians. Our advanced music course is aimed at advanced learners who have completed the intermediate course and would like to improve their musical skills even further.

Benefits of Taking an Online Music Classes

There are many benefits of taking an Online Carnatic music classes in Tamil Nadu, including that you can learn from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You can also interact with other students and the teacher through your course’s online discussion board. You can also save money by taking an online music class as compared to taking music lessons in person, especially if you have to travel to get to your music lessons. Taking an online music class is also a great way to enhance your existing skills, further your education and make a lifelong hobby or career more interesting and engaging.


Online music classes in Tamil are a great way to enhance your music skills and learn more about the different types of music. You can choose from a variety of online music classes, including music theory classes, singing lessons and music composition classes, based on your skill level and your interests.