Data mining versus data extraction | Intellipaat

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Before continuing, it's crucial to define the differences between the frequently used terms data mining and extraction.

Data extraction, also known as web scraping, is the process of taking information from one source and moving it to another. Data mining is fundamentally different from knowledge extraction, knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), or information harvesting.

The two distinct processes' terminology itself denotes their distinctions. Data movement is called extraction, whereas qualitative analysis is called mining. Through mining, previously unnoticed insights, patterns, relationships, and even fraudulent activity are systematically surveyed in stored data.

Another distinction is that data must first be organized and cleaned up in order to be mined effectively. On the other hand, all types of data can be extracted. Mining is more expensive and labor-intensive than other industries, and it also requires mathematical methodology. In contrast, data extraction software is based on programming language and can be straightforward and inexpensive but less insightful.