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Megavision Diagnostics Centres offers digital OPG test with the latest technology. Visit our center to diagnose dental problems. Book Test Now!

OPG represents Orthopantomography . It is an extraordinary strategy for getting radiographs of the teeth-bearing jaws, both upper and lower. It shows a flattened two-dimensional view of a half-circle from ear to ear. A normal X-beam machine can't take point-by-point photos of the jawbones.

An OPG machine is exceptionally developed so it turns around the jawbones, accordingly giving us an amazingly smart thought about the design of the jawbones. megavision Diagnostics centers provide best dental Xray in PCMC.

OPG X-beams are typically requested by dental specialists, regardless of whether they are orthodontists, oral specialists, or prosthodontists/implantologists. Since OPGs give a comprehensive perspective on the teeth and the adjoining bones, they are valuable in a wide assortment of conditions including contaminations, cancers, innate anomalies, pre-embed assessment, and injury.


  • Assessment of affected teeth
  • Finding likely reasons for dental torment
  • Analyses concerning the bone construction of the temporomandibular joint or the whole jaw
  • Inspecting the example of both non-surfaced and surfaced teeth in grown-ups and youngsters
  • Breaks to bone and teeth
  • Evaluation for the arrangement of dental inserts
  • Sinusitis, periodontitis or periapical abscesses
  • Assessment of temporomandibular joint for disease, fracture or dislocation
  • Evaluation of facial bone diseases


The fundamental benefits of all encompassing pictures/OPGs are:

  • Wide inclusion of teeth and facial bones including the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint)
  • Fast and proficient system
  • Simplicity of assessment
  • Low radiation portion
  • Can be utilized for patients who have confined mouth opening
  • Valuable guide for patient schooling and case show