How to Use Touch Screen Cash Register?

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Not sure how to use a touchscreen cash register? A touch screen cash register can add great value to your business, easy-to-use interface, and intuitive controls.

Touch screen cash registers are becoming popular in stores. It is quick and efficient and makes tracking your sales easy. As a business owner, it's important to understand how to use a touch screen cash register to your advantage. 

How do you get started with your touch screen POS system?

Once you purchase a touch screen POS System install it. The setup process is easy; it shouldn't take more time. You must plug in the computer, scanner, and other devices to operate the system. Connect the POS System to your network via Ethernet cable or wireless router.

How to start transacting on touch screen cash registers? 

Start your touch screen cash register and enter your PIN and password given by your manufacturers. Select language and basic information like zone, rate, and country. Enter your products, price details, special offers, and barcodes into the system. Now the system will display all attributes such as price, weight, quality, and unit of measurement of all your products.

How to close your day using a touch screen cash register?

It is vital to close your shift efficiently. It will remind you how much money is in the cash drawer and keep track of your total sales. You can do all tasks from the touch screen POS System. If you face errors in your cash register, you should resolve them before leaving for the day. You will receive complete data through POS System by the end of your day.

Benefits of using touch screen POS systems

  1. Compact in size but has all the benefits of a traditional cash register.
  2. Improved stock management.
  3. Improved customer service.
  4. Suitable for employees and customers.
  5. Compatible with your previously used tools. 
  6. Uses reliable and secured technology.
  7. Access from anywhere.
  8. Offers ease payments to customers.
  9. Tracks employee performance.
  10. A reliable partner for business growth.


Touch screen cash registers are becoming common in retail stores. We have tried to explain how to use a touch-screen cash register for your business. Why wait to partner with OVVI. Call us at (800)-767-9585 or drop your message at