Catch Mahi-Mahi Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii

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One of the best things about a Hawaiian vacation is the many choices of things to do. If you're someone who looks forward to deep-sea fishing, consider hunting for mahi-mahi on your Hawaii fishing charters this trip. If you like a challenge when you have a fish on the hook, mahi-mahi doesn't disappoint. They're aggressive, agile, and quick-moving adding to the challenge of reeling one in. They range in weight from a bit under ten pounds to around 30 pounds. Big enough for a challenge and sport fishing, but not overwhelming. Go with an experienced captain, and they'll take you to the spots where luck happens.

You can fish for mahi-mahi in Hawaiian waters year-round, but they are most prevalent in the spring and fall months. Depending on your energy level and goals, you can catch two or three dozen in an outing, which makes for a productive day of fishing. It's best to use stand-up rods, and many people prefer mackerel as bait. If you like to take pictures of your catch (and who doesn't?), the mahi look colorful in the photos, and when you have a big catch with significant numbers, it's a picture and day to remember. Even experienced fishermen who have gone out many times still find it enjoyable.

Once you're back on land, mahi-mahi is delicious to prepare and eat. Many people prefer it fried or sauteed with various flavor ingredients, but you can grill or bake it easily. Some people like it blackened or spice-rubbed to increase the flavor. The texture is delicate and consistently moist, and there's nothing like fresh-caught wild fish for a taste treat compared to any that's been refrigerated or caught several days earlier. Their colorful bodies give contrast to their appearance – which also has them called dolphin-fish by some. But they are no relation to the mammals, and it's only a shared name.

If you're a sport fisherman interested in having your catch mounted as an addition to your home, mahi-mahi can be an exciting choice. As mentioned earlier, they are colorful and have a distinct and colorful appearance. It's why they're a popular choice to mount for your recreation room or office. But most of all, fish them for the fun and challenge of the sport. Their name means strong, and it's how they will fight once on the hook. They fight against the rod with everything they have and position their bodies to resist as much as possible. Be prepared for a memorable struggle with each one you catch.