OnlyFans is temporarily suspending its service for Russian creators.

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OnlyFans has temporarily paused accounts and payments

OnlyFans temporarily halts services for Russian creators | Engadget


OnlyFans has temporarily suspended accounts and payments for Russian creators.

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motherboard report UK platform until now It is one of the few Western tech companies to open its doors to Russian users, although OnlyFans blocked access to Russian creators in February.

But soon the account was restored saying full functionality would be available. "As long as we have a payment method to support them.But now, tighter payment restrictions seem to force OnlyFans' hands.

OnlyFans is a creator's first business. in the past few months We have explored options. However, due to tighter restrictions on payments to and from Russia, OnlyFans is unable to serve the creator community in Russia.

As a result, we are temporarily suspending paid accounts in Russia. We have asked the affected creators to contact us. which can help resolve issues with their accounts,” said a motherboard statement by OnlyFans.