Here are World’s 10 Best Nursing schools in 2020

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Nursing professions are respected all over the world. As per the online nursing assignment help service providers, students should take time in selecting good nursing school if they wish to become a well-certified nurse in the industry.

Nursing professions are respected all over the world. As per the online nursing assignment help service providers, students should take time in selecting good nursing school if they wish to become a well-certified nurse in the industry. The right nursing program will give them hands-on experience that will improve their skills and prepare for the practical world.

This article will focus on the world’s top 10 best nursing schools in 2020. 

  • 1. Penn Nursing School 

University of Pennsylvania School of nursing is the best-ranked nursing school in the world. It is situated in Philadelphia, USA. The school has the following nursing programs:

  • Accelerated programs
  • Undergraduate and transfer program
  • Master’s programs
  • Doctoral programs

Learn in detail about the significance of each program by visiting their website.

  • 2. Johns Hopkins

The school, located in the USA, offers nursing programs which include 

  • · Pre-licensure options
  • · Master of Science in nursing 
  • · Doctoral nursing programs
  • · Post-degree opportunities 


  • 3. King’s College London

The Florence Nightingale Faculty of nursing, midwifery and palliative care is quite popular in King’s College London. This college from the UK is offering nursing courses on the following departments:

  • Child family health
  • Mental health nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Adult nursing
  • Cicely Saunders institute
  • 4. University of Washington

University of Washington School of nursing situated in Seattle, Washington has expert nursing scientists. They focus on giving students mentorship using technology-driven instruction. The University of Washington has one degree program, i.e., PhD- Doctor of Philosophy in nursing science.

  • 5. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton, located in Southampton, England, has the following nursing programs:

  • MSc Nursing studies
  • PGDip postgraduate diploma child nursing
  • Advanced critical care practitioner
  • MSc physiotherapy masters
  • Advanced neonatal nurse practitioners
  • MSc mental health
  • MSc midwifery with advanced standing
  • MSc Genomic Medicine Masters
  • Postgraduate diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy
  • MSc Global health masters
  • Postgraduate diploma BT for anxiety and depression


  • 6. Yale University

Yale school of nursing from New haven, UK has the following academic programs for interested nursing candidates:

  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of nursing practice
  • Doctor of philosophy
  • 7. The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, located in England, UK offers undergraduate, taught mastery’s and PhD research courses. 

Taught master’s include the following programmes:

  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Social work

The PhD research and MPhil programmes include: 

  • Social work
  • Midwifery
  • Mental health
  • Nursing (3 years)
  • Nursing  (4 years)
  • Primary care and health services research
  • 8. Duke University School of Nursing

According to the US news world report, Duke University has the 7th best online graduate nursing program and 4th best online graduate nursing programs for veterans. The school is located in Durham, North Carolina.

Here are the following academic programs offered by them:

  • Accelerated bachelor of science in nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • PhD
  • Continuing education specialized programs
  • 9. University of Pittsburgh 

The school of nursing in the University of Pittsburgh offers the following degree programs:

  • Accelerated 2nd degree BSN
  • RN Options-BSN or BSN with early admission to MSN or DNP
  • Undergraduate BSN program
  • PhD
  • DNP (Doctor of nursing practice)
  • MSN
  • Certificates and minors

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  • 10. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The UNC School of Nursing situated in North Carolina, Chapel Hills offers the following nursing programmes:

  • Doctor of nursing practice (DNP)
  • BSN comes in two option- traditional BSN ad 4 semester accelerated BSN for students with an undergraduate degree.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

If you want to pursue your career in Nursing, consider applying to the top 10 nursing schools mentioned above. Get to know more details by visiting the website.

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