Prince Harry-Meghan attending the Royal Family for the first time No shots greeted Prince William.

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Prince Harry-Meghan attending the Royal Family for the first time No shots greeted Prince William.

The Queen did not come, but

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the media got a great shot. Prince Harry-Meghan attended the ceremony for the first time in two years after he withdrew from the royal family until it became indignant to Prince Charles and Prince William

On June 3, 2022, the AP news agency reported that Prince Harry and Meghan, the British royal couple who famously withdrew from the royal family two years ago, came to attend the royal ceremony to celebrate Queen Eliza. Beth II, the head of the United Kingdom, celebrates his 70th birthday for the first time in two years.

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The ceremony was held at St Paul's Church, London, the Queen abstained. because he had to rest for his health After attending the first day of the four-day celebration, Prince Charles, his son, presided over the religious ceremony instead.

Prince Harry and Meghan were the focus of the press. because he had not attended the royal family for two years since moving to live in the United States He also had conflicts with Prince Charles and Prince William. from such withdrawal Along with the issue of racism scandal and bully Wang officers

But this time, both of them came to attend the event on a special occasion. It was reported that His sons and daughters, Ashi and Lilibate, to personally attend to the Queen.