WHO director stresses coronavirus is not over Point the card at risk of danger.

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WHO director stresses coronavirus is not over Point the card at risk of danger.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, confirmed that The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, despite recent reports of a drop in the number of cases worldwide. After the epidemic of the coviral mutant Omikron That caused the number of infected people to skyrocket again at the beginning of this year.

Ghebreyesus warnedเกมสล็อตxogovernments that a easing of vigilance would put us at risk. Because of the reduced testing and follow-up tests, we cannot see the evolution of the virus.

Ghebr Jesus said, Even now, progress is being made with 60% of the world's population being vaccinated. But at the same time, there are nearly a billion people in low-income countries who have not been vaccinated at all, with only 57 countries, almost all of them wealthy, where 70% of people are vaccinated. already

Director of the World Health Organization said More cases are now being reported in nearly 70 countries and regions. while the global infection testing rate has declined. and there have been reports of deaths from COVID-19. increase in africa which is the continent with the lowest vaccination rates

Ghebr Jesus said, Even better global vaccine supply But in some countries there is still a lack of political commitment to push for vaccination. There are also gaps in operational capacity or financial viability.

“Overall, we also see the hesitation in vaccination due to misinformation. and disinformation A pandemic won't go away by a miracle. But we can put an end to it. And it's definitely not over yet,” Ghebreyesus said.