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TheHouseMonk is the most comprehensive and advanced platform that helps property managers, owners and residents \ occupants collaborate and operate their real estate assets with maximum efficiency.
Whether its a builder , an Owners Association or an FM company, a co-working or co-living space or an office management team, TheHouseMonk caters to all categories of asset management and helps them monetise, maintain and manage their real estate assets through 3 comprehensive mobile products and a smart ERP system that is loaded with BI and AI features.
The Community app helps all residents and the management collaborate and communicate through
Ticketing and facilities bookings
Classifieds and events
Voting and Polling
Resident, staff and Visitor management etc..
The business app allows managers to assist in the smooth operations of the project through
Asset management and scanning
POs and Quotations
Ticket masters
Payments and auto bulk postings and reminders
Users and contract management
The gatekeeper app allows security teams to maintain the safety of all within the ECO system by monitoring
Staff attendance
Domestic staff management
Parcel management
Parking management etc

All of this coupled with reporting , accounts and a set up wizard make this truly the most useful products for any real estate asset and has thus been adopted across the world in over 10 countries.

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